CENTER EDEN in Bystřice nad Pernštejnem

Paradise of fun, knowledge and inspiration in the Vysočina.

Bystřice nad Pernštejnem has many possibilities to spend your stay in Vysočina in our pension Zubr. One of the options is to visit the EDEN center, which was built from the Mitrovice farmhouse. This farmhouse was used for the agricultural school before this great and demanding reconstruction. Today, there is an eco-pavilion and an old “Horácká” village located in this renovated area. This center is typical of the idea of ​​unification of the past,  present, and future into one time line. Old “Horácká” village will introduce you to the work of shoemakers, potters and many others, no more typical crafts for today. The exact opposite will be the eco-pavilion, which represents one of the most modern buildings in the wider area. It allows you to look into a new and more cost-effective solutions for all of different devices in your home. The whole eco-pavilion is divided into four segments: earth-fire-water-air.

There is also a riding hall with lots of beautiful horses throughout the center, where you can also ride.


phone: 566 788 400, 566 788 413 (cash register)